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We have a new domain name, sexlifeandeverything.com, but you can still visit our blog with the old domain name fuckblogging.com.  We started as a couple that fucked and blogged.  Blogged and fucked.  So we called out site, fuckblogging.  Since then, we have grown our blog into other things such as reviews, non sexual stories, and just our everyday life, but yes, we still share our fuck stories. It helps our blog if you likes us on facebook, so if you enjoy our site we aren’t asking for much, just a simple like.  Our facebook isn’t “vulgar” so it should be safe to like.  Thanks for your support.

About Us:
We are a husband and wife team, Nessa and Ryan Bloggs, who have been married for over 15 years.   We started this blog around the same time we opened our relation to other females and began experimenting sexually. We will share our new and old experiences as a couple, and give insight into our compatibility.

Together, with just the two of us, there probably isn’t anything we haven’t tried at least once together.  Pain, urine, role play, bdsm, or whatever else our perverted minds can think of.  Truthfully, we have probably tried it more than once because nothing brings back the naughty feeling of sex for the first time like the sexual things extremely taboo and kinky.

Our ideas, philosophies, and beliefs may change (as well as our domain name – lol) as we build a stronger relationship and advance as a couple.   Explanation:  Each day we are growing as a couple because of all the people we meet and socialize with daily.  We like to keep our minds open to different ideas so our thoughts and perceptions on different topics may change with time. We choose to learn, discuss, communicate with each other, and keep our ideas open to come up with new ways to enjoy each other and our life together.

We try to update our blog with a new article, big or small, each Wednesday.  That’s 52 blogs a year.  Previously we did 2 to 3 articles a week but have decided to update each Wednesday and give the internet a chance to catch up to our 500+ already published blogs. Just because we do not actively add new blogs twice a week, does not mean the blogs from 2012 are any less relevant!  Please check out all of our articles, photos, and videos! We’d love to hear your comments and feedback on our articles, so don’t be too shy to hit reply.  In fact, if you view an article and enjoy it, please comment.

Nessa Bloggs is college educated and prides herself in her patience and loyalty.  She has the unique ability to really listen to other peoples’ problems without being judgmental and rarely argues with others.  She likes to please the person she loves, but she also likes everyone around her to be happy.  She is bisexual and finds a woman’s body just as sexy as a man’s. In the bedroom her attitude is bi-polar, as she can play the role of a very passive female, willing to do anything Ryan wants, or take complete control. There are times when she will cry while being intimate, and other times she will ride her husband and hold a pillow over his head until she orgasms. 

Ryan Bloggs is college educated and prides himself in his sense of humor and loyalty.   He is opinionated and sometimes argue with others for no reason other than he enjoys a good debate.  Sexually, he is open to anything his wife wants to try but likes to be in control in the bedroom.

All writings on this blog are original unless otherwise stated and may not be used on other blogs without express permission from www.sexlifeandeverything.com .   IThe photos used in the header (the banners above) are of Ryan and Nessa, various female friends, taken with permission throughout the years this blog has been up.  Some pre tattoos, some post tattoos.

If you are under 18 please leave this website now.  This is not a porn website but it does contain adult content.  This is a blog.  Most topics are for adults only (and have adult pictures based off the blog ideas and/or topics) so if you are under 18, please exit this website.  If you are easily offended by another person’s vagina, breast, penis, or opinion, please exit this website. By scrolling down further you are agreeing that you are an adult and understand this blog has adult content.  We are not responsible for what is posted in the comments section. This is our personal blog that we publish online for others to read and comment on. py wife

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